Namari seeks to cultivate an inclusive drinking culture by challenging traditional attitudes towards alcohol.

Namari is the non-alcoholic digestif that lets you hide in plain sight and keeps the party alive for those who've traded in alcohol but never lost their edge.

For the outliers, the ravers, the punks, the G’s, the mf’n real ones  - Namari is here to cater to your unconventional tastes and unique lifestyle. We understand that you've partied hard, hell, maybe even the hardest, and now you're looking for something different, something unique that speaks to your individuality. 

While others merely jump on the NA trend for profit, or have always been the pillar of health,  Namari is different. We're on a mission to create a non-alcoholic experience that speaks to your fearless spirit and cultivate an inclusive drinking culture. We understand the gap in the market - for those who want to retain their rebellious nature, and keep partying til 4am.

You’re not a yoga instructor, you’re not the poster child for health and wellness, you don’t live in Beverly Hills and hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow by the pool, and hey, neither are we.

Meet the Founders

Brittany was a drunk punk that drank 40's by dumpsters and ran away from the police every weekend (as you can see in the photos included here), who finally left alcohol behind but wanted to continue the party without the traditional spirits. Namari was born out of this desire - to keep the energy and excitement alive, while embracing a healthier approach to libations and without having to run from the cops.

Eryka is the co-founder of Namari—a revolutionary non-alcoholic digestif that allows you to blend in while keeping the party alive for those who've traded alcohol for authenticity. As a queer, non-binary, first-generation individual, their journey is woven with a deep love for music, fashion, and community.

Music has always been their heartbeat, bridging connections and inspiring creativity with every rhythm and lyric. Fashion serves as their canvas for self-expression, embodying the ethos of "look good, feel good" in every stitch and style choice.

Sobriety has guided their path towards clarity and genuine connections within the community. They are passionate about organizing gatherings that celebrate inclusivity and empower individuals to embrace their true selves. 

In this symphony of passions—music, fashion, community, authenticity, and sobriety—Eryka finds purpose and inspiration, disrupting norms and fostering a culture of resilience and choice.

Hide in Plain Sight

Let them think you’re drinking alcohol even when you’re not. Be the life of the party, clear headed. Actually remember those best friends you meet in the bathroom, maybe they’ll become your actual new best friend. Get in the pit because you want to, not because you fell in drunk and ended up getting knocked around on accident. 

Namari is your partner in revelry, offering a taste that goes beyond the ordinary, while keeping your individuality at the forefront.

Let's Rage

Whether you're a fashion-forward trendsetter, a punk rebel making waves, or a free-spirited raver, Namari invites you to embrace the art of partying differently. We celebrate the unconventional, the glamorous, and the party monsters who want to keep a clear head these days. Sip on Namari and relish in the excitement, the flavor, and the free spirited experience we bring to every occasion.

Where non-alcoholic liberation meets unrivaled taste. We're here to hide in plain sight, to stand out, and to redefine the meaning of keeping the party going. Join us in raising a toast to the rebels of the night and celebrating the magic that comes from embracing your true self, one sip at a time. Cheers to Namari - the ultimate party revolution!